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All biological objects on Earth are subject to cyclic changes of physical, emotional and mental state of a minimum and maximum value. These vibrations are called biological rhythms, biorhythms.

There are three main types of biological rhythms with different periods:

Biorhythms affect the activity, stamina, immunity level, intellectual ability and other qualities of a person from the moment of birth (and according to some reports - from the moment of conception) and throughout life. Biorhythm feature is their predictability, based on cycling. This allows you to perform a calculation based on the biorhythms and calendar or schedule biorhythms plan of action and get maximum results.

Date of birth is the starting point for all three biorhythms and corresponds to the zero value. Each of the rhythm rises to a maximum, then decreases and reaches zero at halftime, while continuing to decrease and reaches a minimum and then starts to increase.

Each person is affected differently biorhythms. It depends from individual to individual, level of development, social protection and other factors.

Common the fact that the minimum values ​​of biorhythms reduce physical and mental abilities, make a person more aggressive and irritable, increased fatigue, etc. For example, at a low level of emotional biorhythm is not recommended to try to make new friends.

Critical days, when the values ​​of biorhythms pass through zero, the most noticeable effect on the human condition. Moreover, the most difficult is the period when all three biorhythms while crossing the zero mark. In those days, you have to be very careful, cautious and refrain from complex mental activity. Fortunately, those days are rare, since the periods of different biorhythms.

When a certain biorhythm is at the top, people can more fully disclose relevant abilities. For example, the high value of the physical biorhythm increases the chances of winning in sports, intellectual - to win in the casino.

The most favorable are those days when all three biorhythms are simultaneously at a maximum - these days boldly put "all-in", shining erudition among old friends or create profile on a dating site in search of new friends - you could do it!

Individual biorhythms

Physical biorhythm

Biorhythm, which determines the physical condition of the person. This is the shortest biorhythm, its period - 23 days.

Physical biorhythm affects qualities such as endurance, speed, muscular strength, speed of reaction. In addition, the physical biorhythm is associated with the physiological processes of the human body: digestion, metabolism, etc.

Physical biorhythm most felt by those who are kind of activity associated with exercise: athletes, construction workers, miners. As a rule, the higher phase of the person feels a surge of strength and endurance, which allows him to do more work. In the critical days may have health problems, high risk of injury. For negative phase characteristic breakdown, fatigue and lack of appetite.

Emotional biorhythm

Emotional biorhythm whose period is 28 days, has an effect on perception, intuition and creativity. Most exposed to emotional biorhythm are people whose professions are related to communication and the arts: journalists, actors and artists.

The minimum values ​​are characterized by shortness of biorhythm communication, reduction of "creativity", emotional apathy, and indifference appatichnostyu. For emotional people may increase irritability and aggression.

The critical phase is treated very badly, until the depression and psychosis. Person feels good-for-nothing, there are depression and fears. He feels the futility of many more, previously interested him, things. And if we by nature man is not optimistic, the problem becomes even more acute.

But in the ascending phase of biorhythm person is dynamic, active and cheerful. This is a time when a man is happy in any detail, easy and pleasant to talk to. This is the right time to expand the circle of friends, for example by posting your profile on a dating site.

If both your physical biorhythm is close to the maximum, then you - the very charm, sex appeal and sexy all rolled into one! :) Do not miss these moments!

Intellectual biorhythm

Intellectual biorhythm affects intelligence: logic, learning, abstract thought. This biorhythm is the longest a period of 33 days. Teachers, lawyers, accountants well feel the rhythm.

In the recovery phase: high analytical skills, support of any intellectual activity, a good assimilation of information. In those days are easily solved crosswords and puzzles. High ability to predict the results of games.

Critical days intellectual biorhythms affect mental activity. Reduced ability to predict. Decreases the rate of reaction and concentration.

The main characteristic of the decay phase of intellectual biorhythm - quick mental fatigue, until the headache. In those days, it is not recommended to actively engage in activities that require intense mental stress.

Free biorhythm calculator for MS Excel

Biorhythms calculation

The most commonly used formula for calculating biorhythms is [1].

B = (sin (2pi * (t-f) / P)) * 100% 		[1]


P - phase jet lag
P corresponds to the duration of the period are calculated biorhythm (23.28 and 33 days, respectively). It should be noted that the use in the calculation of these rounded values ​​leads to an error of a few days each year. Exact values ​​are 23.688437 (physical) 28.426125 (emotional), 33.163812 (intellectual) days.
B - the value of jet lag
Biorhythm value on a given date of calculation in% (or can vyrazhatsya as a state with respect to zero, as well as the state of growth or decline).
pi - the number of "Pi".
Constant, equals 3.1415926535897932385.
t - period calculation
Number of days from the initial to the final settlement date.
f - number of past days
Number of days from the initial date of birth to calculate biorhythms.

With the omnipresence of computers there were various programs to calculate biorhythms. One of them is on this site.

Biorhythms compatibility

Knowing the biorhythms of two or more people can determine compatibility biorhythms - compliance biological rhythms group. Biorhythms compatibility allows to form pairs or groups, whose "hearts beat in unison".

People with compatible biorhythms get along better with each other, understanding partner "at a glance", their joint activity is most effective. There are in this situation and the minuses - in times of recession biorhythms within the group may have disagreements and aggravation in relations. Calculate biorhythms compatibility online on this website or by using our biorhythms calculator.

Detailed information about the compatibility of partners is available, knowing compatibility biorhythms and individual personality characteristics. This can be explained on the basis of date of birth, for example using the program Pythagoras Square. Interpretation of psychological portrait by Pythagoras Square (also known as the square of Pythagoras), visit "Numerology" ( or similar.

Calendar and biorhythms chart

Chart of any jet lag is a sine wave, the zero value which corresponds to the day of birth, to be exact - the time of birth. Each period corresponds to the duration of sinusoids biorhythm. Example biorhythm chart shown in Fig. 1.

Biorhythm calendar called table that lists the biorhythms of a given date (see Fig. 2). Since the duration of the basic biorhythms approximately one calendar month, and calendar are building for 30 days. For convenience, the values ​​of biological rhythms in the calendar show in relative format (usually as a percentage, from -100 to 100).

Fig.1. Biorhythm chart

Fig.2. Calendar

Program for calculating biorhythms

There are many different programs for calculating biorhythms. Right here you can download the program Biorhythm, which is very intuitive and easy to use. Programs plus it does not require installation, just need to have on your computer was installed MS Excel.

The program allows you to calculate the biorhythms of a period of 30 days from the specified date, and print the results. Appearance of the program is shown in Fig. 3 and Fig. 4.

Fig.3. A Biorhythm program: main window

Fig.4. A Biorhythm program: results

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